Tales From the Borderlands is a point-and-click, comedy adventure game set in the Borderlands universe. The story follows Rhys and Fiona as they search for a legendary vault said to contain fabulous treasures. 

He and Eric Stirpe worked together to fit the episode into the larger Tales From the Borderland narrative. Not only was this a pivot episode, meaning the story needed to start moving towards the conclusion of the narrative, but it was one of the only episodes to feature an existing Gearbox character, Athena, in a leading role. Brian and Eric had to write their own characters as well as ensure that they maintained the spirit of Athena.

Brian’s favorite part of working on the game was working on what he calls the jungle scene. Specifically, the interactions between Loader Bot and Gortys. He had a great time writing the dialogue between the two characters. Their personalities really play well off each other, and the jungle scene really highlights that.

Lawrence (Chip) is a writer, lifelong gamer, and Spanish teacher. His interest Dungeons and Dragons, and rpgs in general, began at a young age when his mom gave him her copy of Dragons of Autumn Twilight. When he’s not writing for money, he’s writing stories using all the PCs he never got to play.