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This third-person shooter is set on a space station in the far future. Using a large arsenal of weapons, you must repel the alien invaders and rescue any human survivors while you search for your fiancée Samantha.

Brian helped Rusty Buchert develop the world for Run Like Hell. It was intended to be a prequel to one of Rusty’s other ideas: Space Opera, a giant flight sim game in the style of Wing Commander. Together they designed things like the various species, the history of the galaxy, the villains, etc.

Brian is especially proud of his involvement with the game’s story. It’s one of the elements that consistently brings people back to the game. It was so impactful that ten years after Run Like Hell’s release, a fan pitched Hollywood a movie based on the game. Turns out it had a surprising cult following that was eager for more.

The game is packed with exceptional voice actors. Lance Hendrickson, Bishop from Alien, voices the game’s protagonist Nicholas Conner. Despite having little voiceover experience at that time, he had more lines than any of the other actors.

Kate Mulgrew, Captain Janeway, voiced Dr. Mek. She was able to do her lines in one or two takes, and even performed a five-minute monologue after reading it once, in 30 seconds, immediately prior to recording.

Lawrence (Chip) is a writer, lifelong gamer, and Spanish teacher. His interest Dungeons and Dragons, and rpgs in general, began at a young age when his mom gave him her copy of Dragons of Autumn Twilight. When he’s not writing for money, he’s writing stories using all the PCs he never got to play.