Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2

Season Lead Designer

Season 2 was the first game Brian worked on at Telltale from the very beginning. He was involved in the creation of the overall story as well as the characters and character arcs. He also helped create the season’s extremely meta villain, the Admin. The Admin was a god-like character that helped create the world and was betrayed by his other two Admins long ago. Brian wanted to make the villain sympathetic, even if the protagonists had to take him down to save the world.

As the season designer, Brian was in charge of ensuring the entire season was a success, not unlike the showrunner for a season of a TV show. In addition, he was the lead designer for episodes 1 and 5, which he worked on with Eric Stripe.

This season also included more freeform building elements. Players were able to build statues and other structures that were persistent while they played the game. They could select from a variety of blocks in various colors and build on a large, 3-D grid.

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