Quest Designer

The original Fallout game is a turn-based, post-apocalyptic roleplaying game. The player initially sets out from their vault in Southern California to search the nuclear wasteland for a water chip to replace the broken one in their vault. This eventually brings them into conflict with a group of mutants led by the mysterious Master.

Fallout was originally intended to be released as Wasteland 2, using the GURPS system. They lost the license however, and had to redesign the entire setting from the ground up. Down the road, they lost the license for GURPS as well. The team searched for a different system rules system, and when they were unable to find exactly what they were looking for they created SPECIAL.

Brian spent a lot of time designing the history, setting, and characters with Scott Campbell. They were given incredible creative control and had their ideas approved with little modification. Brian created numerous queslines and locations, his favorite being Necropolis. He’s extremely proud of the tension created by the player choices: let the ghouls die or go on a long, difficult quest to secure an additional water source.

Brian’s favorite creation was Harold the ghoul. He started out as a special ghoul who could help the players find the Master and ended up being the Fallout character with the most appearances in the rest of the series.

Lawrence (Chip) is a writer, lifelong gamer, and Spanish teacher. His interest Dungeons and Dragons, and rpgs in general, began at a young age when his mom gave him her copy of Dragons of Autumn Twilight. When he’s not writing for money, he’s writing stories using all the PCs he never got to play.