About Juliet

Juliet is a freelance writer, author of Mind of the Beast, and runs Trust You Can, a blog that shares resources that help her get inspired and create. Each week she shares videos with advice from successful artists, like writer, singer, and actor, Lin-Manuel Miranda and photojournalist, Ami Vitale. 

She uses her Associate Arts degrees in psychology and social and behavioral sciences to figure out how goddesses, vampires, and other mythological creatures survive in a reality that depends on popular belief. 

She also manages her husband, Brian’s, game writing, and escape room consulting practice as well as contributing to the story. 

She also volunteers at CodeCombat, where Brian works, raising awareness about his game, Ozaria, a game that teaches kids how to program in a way that makes programming less intimidating with a story that both boys and girls will enjoy.

In 2016, she was adopted by 16 international students at Santa Rosa College after shooting a video about the Community College Initiative Program for her journalism class. They came from India, Pakistan, Egypt, Colombia, Brazil, Ivory Coast, and New Guinea. She continues to connect with them over Zoom and WhatsApp and learns about their cultures. For more information, watch the video.

She lives in Folsom, California with her husband, Brian. They enjoy walking to the nearby lake and playing board games online.

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